DETROIT (WWJ) – Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey — who sought to tap into anti-Donald Trump sentiments — have won contests to become their states’ next governors.

What does it mean for the mid term elections?

Dave Dulio chair of the Political Science Department at Oakland University says Republicans have some searching to do.

“Republicans are going to have to find another way forward,” says Dulio, “and do their best to not only turn out more main-stream or run of the mill Republicans but also try to get those Trump voters come their way. Gillespie couldn’t do it — we’ll see if Republicans can do it a year from now in 2018.”

In Virginia’s closely watched contest, Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie.

In New Jersey front-running Democrat Phil Murphy topped Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno to succeed Republican Gov. Chris Christie.


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  1. Dave Dulio chair of the Political Science Department at Oakland University is a degenerate democrat shilling for the liberals by comment that two blue state elections predict trouble in the upcoming midterms. His further comment that Gillespie lost because Trump has lost support. What Dulio forgot, never knew or more likely, dishonestly refused to mention GILLESPIE LOST BECAUSE HE DELIBERATELY DISTANCED HIMSELF FROM TRUMP UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION.

    The problem with interviewing academics for honest political answers is that they exist in a leftist bubble and are incapable or unwilling to deliver honest insight.

    NET NET:
    New Jersey is a democrat cesspool and has been for many decades. Christy was elected because democrats cannot stop themselves from blowing money and driving out business. Christy became increasingly arrogant and unpopular which angered the voters and took their anger out on the GOP candidate who had no chance. A no-chance outcome does not predict anything professor. What garbage!

    Virginia is a blue state and the GOP challenger is exactly what Trump is fighting: a former GOP chair tightly aligned with the GOP establishment and a never Trumper. Again this is an outcome which is a horrible basis for prediction.

    Professor is creating fake news and CBS propagandists are serving it to you.

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