Car Slams Into Baby's Room, Punches Hole In Crib [VIDEO]

(WWJ/CNN) The damage may not look like much now, but these parents will never forget what it sounded like: “It was like an explosion.”

That’s how mother Elizabeth Crouse described what happened when a car slammed into her house in Michigan’s Montcalm Township. Her baby boy Gabriel was inside the room, sleeping soundly at 1 a.m.

The impact had punched a hole into the pack and play where he was sleeping and sent it skidding across the room. Crouse ran into the room and found the baby covered with shattered glass, dirt and debris. But he was otherwise fine.

While she checked on her baby, the driver backed up and fled the scene in a light-colored vehicle — and hasn’t been seen since. Michigan State Police are investigating.

Most importantly, baby Gabriel was fine, which the mother credits to God protecting them. “It’s pointless to think about what could have happened because it didn’t… God was protecting us. But, it’s really hard not to,” Crouse said. “(I’m) incredibly thankful. Really shaken up, but really thankful that God was protecting us.”



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