(WWJ) – It’s a law enforcement tactic possibly never seen before: A Michigan police department has threatened “spoilers” for those who get locked up this week.

A messaged appearing on the East Lansing Police PD’s official Twitter account over the weekend warned would-be lawbreakers that police would spoil the second season of the sci-fi drama “Stranger Things” for those who get arrested.

The tweet out Sunday read: “We’ve taped Stranger Things spoilers all over the walls of our jail this week. Some extra motivation for you not to end up there.” It includes an animated gif of the popular Netflix series’ titular character Eleven eating an Eggo Waffle (her favorite).

According to a report by the Detroit News, police said it was “just humor” (ie, a joke) — and those responding to the tweet seemed to take it as such.

One twitter user replied, “Best crime deterrent ever,” while another wrote, “I love you guys for this 😂“.

Several respondents suggested spoilers might amount to “cruel an unusual punishment,” which is forbidden under the U.S. Constitution.

Amusing as it was, East Lansing police seem to be a little behind. “Stranger Things 2” debuted October 27, with Netflix dropping all nine episodes at once — so it’s safe to say most big fans of the show have already binged the series.

One person tweeted: “Jokes on you, I finished Stranger Things 9 hours after it came out.”


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