DETROIT (WWJ) – Federal and state agents on Wednesday raided several homes in Detroit and Canton in connection with alleged gang-related criminal activity.

Officers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives rounded up a group of men who the feds say were involved in racketeering, drugs and other crimes, according to a source speaking with WWJ’s Charlie Langton.

Federal Court documents unsealed Wednesday morning show the “Smokecamp street gang” also known as “Original paid bosses” operated near Seven Mile Road and Hoover.

Thirteen were named in the indictment — but there are other people not yet named in the indictment that the feds state are associated with Smokecamp — those people are included in the 14 federal arrest warrants executed.

Twelve of the 14 were arrested today. Two of the indicted; Darryl Key and Carlos Davis are still at large.

daivs carlos Raids Carried Out Across Metro Detroit; Gang Members Indicted

Carlos Davis

key darryl Raids Carried Out Across Metro Detroit; Gang Members Indicted

Darryl Key

The indicted include the following:

  • Korey Sanders, aka “No Loan Corleone” or “Staxs”
  • Jarray Key, aka “Chino” or “Dre”
  • Deshawn Langston, aka “Pook” or “Slips”
  • Richard Langston, aka “Dub,” “Rich” or “Blow”
  • Hakeen Bunnell, aka “LB Dub”
  • Keenan Nielbock, aka “Dolla” or “Keno”
  • Caraun Key, aka “Luch,” “Ron” or “Slick”
  • Darryl Key, aka “DB” or “Big Baby”
  • Tyree Williams, aka “Snoop”
  • Romale Gibson, aka “Santana”
  • Cary Daily, aka “Cease”
  • Antonio Langston. aka “Tone”
  • Carlos Davis, aka “Los” or Loso

The 32-page grand jury indictment says the group makes its money through drugs sales outside businesses in that east side neighborhood. In some cases, gang members allegedly traveled to West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky to sell drugs. [View the indictment, detailing the charges here].

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Key or Davis should contact ATF at (800) ATF-GUNS (1-800-283-4867).



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