By Mickie McLeod

It’s finally playoff season in Survivor: Heroes vs. Hustlers vs. Healers. Yup, “drop your buffs!” It’s time for the merge!

The Merge

It’s halfway through the season and this is when Survivor gets juicy! The remaining 12 castaways are now battling it out against one another on one tribe!

After the Outback Steakhouse™ advertisement — well,  the famous, “Survivor merge feast,” courtesy of Outback, the castaways were fed and ready to strategize!

Where do we start? So much aligning had gone on while back at camp.  The main talk at camp was how annoying Cole has been… is that a surprise?  He’s been eating all of the food and he lays around constantly.

Ben, from the Heroes, is annoyed with Healer, Cole.  He can’t stand him. Ben told everyone how annoying he thinks he is and it created a huge target on Cole.

Dr. Mike is a great strategist. He’s working with Ben but also has a large alliance already with his former Healers tribe. Meanwhile, there’s the Heroes and Hustlers… who are working together.

It’s the first day of the merge and Survivor should be called the “Heroes and Hustlers vs. the Healers.”  Where are the cracks within the two alliances, though?  It’s noticed that Lauren, a Hustler, is playing with the Healers.  Along with Lauren is Ben, who is a Hero and also playing with the Healers.  Both Lauren and Ben have strategized with Dr. Mike… so how strong are they with their Heroes and Hustlers alliance?

Individual Immunity Challenge

Individual Immunity is now up for grabs!  For the first time this season, the castaways are competing in the challenges in order to save only themselves!

This week, the 12 castaways competed for the first Individual Immunity by balancing on a wood post.  Along with balancing, the castaways had to balance a ball inside a ring while spinning it around. Throughout the challenge, they then had to move along the post onto a thinner base of wood. Yes, this challenge was as difficult as it sounds.

It was so difficult that Ryan only had last nearly two seconds of the challenge!  38 minutes later… it was down to just two, Desi and Ashley.  It was Desi who won this first Individual Immunity!

Tribal Council

The lines have been drawn, but where does everyone stand?

Before Tribal, names were thrown around among the two alliances.  The Healers wanted Chrissy out, while the Heroes and Hustlers were debating between Joe and Cole.  However, they knew that Joe has been sneaky and could have an idol.  They weren’t sure whether Joe would keep his idol, or use it for Cole.  This meant that the best vote would be for Jess.

At Tribal, Joe had a field day and made a big scene… he’s a pretty obnoxious guy.  Out of insecurity, Joe put on his idol and announced to the tribe that he has one.  Joe also played his secret idol after the votes were in, but it didn’t matter anyway.  Between Chrissy and Jess, Jess was the one that got voted off and is now the first member of the Jury this season.

What did you think about last night’s episode and who are your favorites!?  Ryan, Ben, and Lauren are mine this season!  Tweet me @mick_cloudy to talk Survivor!

Watch Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my weekly recaps Thursday on!


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