By: Evan Jankens

The world of horse racing is crazy: It’s highly competitive and the betting market is as high and any other sporting event.

This takes me to Port Lincoln, Australia, where jockey Dylan Caboche did the unthinkable and punched his horse in its side before the race ever took place.

According to

What’s worse it that you can see the scumbag Caboche was still holding his jockey whip in his hand, making the punch actually more of a jab with the end of the piece of equipment.

Caboche received a 2-week suspension for his actions, and while his horse Reneldasgirl seemed to be okay, but it’s amazing that this type of animal abuse didn’t warrant a more stiff penalty.


Just as the people from TMZ said  — It doesn’t make sense why this jockey should ever be allowed in the sport again, at least to me.

Do you think a two-week suspension is justifiable?


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