DETROIT (WWJ) – ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ is nothing but fun, fun, fun from beginning to end. This movie is absolutely hilarious and it’s perfectly timed to coincide with this year’s holiday season. Yes, it opens this weekend and Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet, but the Christmas decor is already in stores, so why not get a head start at the movies?

In ‘Daddy’s Home 2’, the bromance between co-dads Brad and Dusty continues. But, it goes a step further with the two agreeing to bring their families together for Christmas. It appears that the mutually agreed-upon arrangement is going to work out just fine; that is, until the two grandfathers show up.

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Mel Gibson plays Kurt, Mark Wahlberg plays Dusty, Owen Wilder Vaccaro plays Dylan, and Will Ferrell plays Brad in Daddy’s Home 2 from Paramount Pictures.

Dusty’s dad is the super macho Kurt, while Brad’s dad is the overly affectionate Don. And I mean do overly affectionate. And you’ll know, too, the minute he arrives in town. And, take my word for it: it’s a scene that may have you laughing so hard, you cry. At least, that’s what it did to the preview audience; myself included.

When Kurt learns that the co-dads are planning to spend Christmas together, he books a lodge so the family members can all stay together under one roof. And that’s the beginning of non-stop laughs. From Dusty’s packing the car, to the road trip to the lodge, to everything that happens once they arrive, I couldn’t stop laughing.

As you can imagine with blended families, there are also some tough issues to tackle. But ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ does a wonderful job of doing what it set out to do: to ensure the audience has a good time and not take itself too seriously.

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I couldn’t stop laughing and the movie will probably have the same affect on you.

‘Daddy’s Home 2’ stars Mark Wahlberg as Dusty, Will Ferrell as Brad, John Lithgow as Don, Mel Gibson as Kurt, Owen Vaccarro as Dylan, Scarlett Estevez as Megan and Linda Cardellini as Sara. It was written and directed by Sean Anders.

See you at the movies!

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