NORTHVILLE (WWJ) – Northville Township is announcing plans to demolish an old, abandoned psychiatric hospital that’s become a trouble spot.

Northville acquired nearly 350 acres surrounding the former Northville Psychiatric Hospital in 2009, which includes the main Psychiatric Hospital and 18 other buildings. Since that time, local leaders say the dilapidated property on 7 Mile Road has remained an eye-sore.

Compounding the problem, the site has become a hot spot for urban explorers, which has led to a significant drain on public safety resources.

“For the past several years, scrappers and trespassers have vandalized the property, spreading asbestos and have accelerated the deterioration of the buildings. This activity created public safety concerns for our residents and anyone entering the property,” said Township Supervisor Robert Nix II, in a statement.

Police said last month they were cracking down on trespassers, warning that property is “incredibly unsafe,” with asbestos, damaged floors and walls and broken glass among other dangers present.

Nix says the Township had to spend over $100,000 a year to protect the property and deter trespassers — which have numbered in the hundreds.

Township officials say work site preparations will begin on the property this month, with the demolition scheduled for the summer of 2018. There not be an implosion when demolition occurs, so it will be a slow process, with the buildings being taken down piece by piece.

“I am extremely excited that this demolition project is coming to fruition and thank our team for all their efforts,” Nix added. “Our residents will soon be able to view the skyline on Seven Mile with that blight to our community removed.”

Police said around 400 people have been arrested for trespassing at the site this year. There is fence around the property and “No Trespassing” signs are posted.


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