By: Evan Jankens

The first question I assume you are going to ask is why am I posting a photo of a naked man?

If that was your first question, then the optical illusion you are seeing worked.

A person from Reddit posted the following photo that was labeled, “Tell me I’m not the first one who saw a naked man at first sight…”


The photo is actually explained quite well by one user, as transcribed by

Guy’s shirtless. Gal’s wearing shorts. Makes it look like they are top and bottom of the guy on account of her leg mostly blocking view of his lower torso.

Others couldn’t get the image out of their head.

“If I didn’t see your comment, would be still wondering.”

“My brain recognizes that, but my eyes keep seeing naked dude anyways.”

“Oh my God. I took a look and decided I knew what was going on. That she was holding a headless mannequin between her and the guy driving. Then I read your comment and had to re-look at it for a third time. Mind blown. Thank you.”

The man driving the scooter really lives the life. Think about it, he’s not wearing a shirt, has his lady on the back, it appears he lives a stress free perfect life!


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