A football player at Tennessee State University was kicked off the team and expelled from school after he attacked a coach during a game on Saturday night.

Latrelle Lee, a senior defensive end, twice punched TSU head strength coach T.J. Greenstone in the side of the head. Greenstone, who appeared to be knocked out, toppled to the ground on the sideline.

Lee, 22, was expelled from the university on Monday, according to The Tennessean.

The incident occurred in TSU’s home win over over Southeast Missouri.

Per the Tennessean, Greenstone — a former defensive tackle at Vanderbilt — is charged with keeping players who aren’t in the game from stepping on the field. The TSU offense was on the field when Lee, who did not play in Saturday’s game, attacked Greenstone.

TSU athletic director Teresa Phillips said in a statement, “We, of course, do not condone any act of violence within our department and are very disturbed by the action of one of our students. We are committed to supporting the coach who was personally affected and our concern now is with him.”

Lee played in a total of 16 games during his freshman and sophomore seasons, but started just two game this season.


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