Matthew Stafford and the Lions made headlines in Week 2 when Stafford threw a shoutout to childhood friend Clayton Kershaw in an audible at the line of scrimmage.

“Hey, give me Kershaw here, Kershaw!” Stafford yelled.

Nine weeks later, enter Jared Godd and the Los Angeles Rams.

Enter Elvis, Tupac and Ric Flair.

In the Rams’ 33-7 win over the Texas on Sunday, Goff set a new standard for creativity when it comes to naming audibles. Even Obama got a shoutout.

Clearly, the Rams are having fun. And who could blame them?

After a season in which they went 4-12 and Goff, the first overall pick in 2016, was being labeled a bust, the Rams are 7-2 and Goff is an MVP candidate. In fact, Goff has the third best MVP odds at the moment, trailing only Tom Brady and Carson Wentz, the latter of whom went second overall in 2016.

Stafford’s MVP odds rank seventh.

The Lions’ quarterback was also mic’d up in Week 10 and delivered some gems himself. After his go-ahead touchdown pass to Eric Ebron in the fourth quarter, Stafford told Ebron, “I just threw you a punt. That thing was wobbling like a mother.”

Ebron laughed and said, “Ohh man, I wasn’t gonna tell nobody.”

“Oh, it was horrible,” Stafford replied.

Through nine games, Stafford has thrown 17 touchdowns to five interceptions, while Goff has thrown 16 touchdowns to four interceptions.

Perhaps the two could meet in the playoffs. Best audible wins.


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