Ortonville, Oakland County, Police, Michael Quigley

ORTONVILLE (WWJ) — An Oakland County man who found a shooting suspect on his property remained calm when he called 911.

The manhunt for Michael Quigley, who shot his estranged wife and her boyfriend, ended on Wednesday night when a local man captured captured the Oakland County resident. The caller, named Scott, told dispatchers that he had captured Quigley and had him lying on the ground at gunpoint after he found him in a conversion van on his property.

“It’s surreal,” said Scott — recounting the discovery of the suspect to WWJ’s Jon Hewett. Armed with his own 9mm Ruger handgun — Scott ventured toward a conversion minivan he keeps on his property. “I opened the back door — lifted up a blanket that’s back there for storage and he was under there and asked him to get out — he complied. I called 911 and within two minutes SWAT came out of the woods — from every direction.”

The audio from that 911 call was released on Friday, and it was quite evident Scott remained calm throughout the interaction. Below is a portion from the call.

Scott: I have him on my property.

Dispatcher: You have him in custody?

Scott: Yes I do. He’s on the ground, face down.

Dispatcher: And what is doing there?

Scott: He’s lying on the ground. I have him at gunpoint.

Dispatcher: Okay, what type of gun do you have?

Scott: A Ruger 9mm.

Dispatcher: Sir, is he alive?

Scott: Yes.

Deputies arrived about two minutes after Quigley was caught by Scott.

Quigley was arraigned this morning on attempted murder and assault in the shooting of his estranged wife and another man at the Village Court apartments Tuesday night. He is also facing charges of first-degree home invasion, assault with a dangerous weapon and four counts of possession of a firearm while committing a felony. Bond was set at $8 million.

According to investigators, Quigley forced himself inside of the apartment where his estranged wife’s boyfriend lives, in the 90 block of Village Court, and an argument ensued. Quigley at some point drew a .22 revolver and fired a total of five shots, striking his wife in the back of the head and her friend in the eye.

Stephanie Quigley remains hospitalized, while the man has been released from the hospital.


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