MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) – The Macomb County sheriff’s office has received grants for yearlong alcohol compliance enforcement checks.

The funding from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning allows the sheriff’s office to send extra deputies to businesses that sell alcohol.

Deputies will be checking to ensure businesses are complying with state liquor laws and do not sell alcohol to underage patrons.

The sheriff’s office says adults who provide alcohol to someone younger than 21 can be charged, fined and even held legally responsible for anything that happens to the minor. A store clerk who sells to a minor in a compliance check detail will receive a civil infraction with a minimum $100 fine.

State law requires clerks to make diligent inquiries to verify a person is old enough to buy alcohol.

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  1. We are happy that much needed funding is being directed to alcohol enforcement. Yes underage drinking is a public health concern – but so are the host of common illicit liquor cheating practices that some establishments engage in. Illegal practices like refilling bottles, mislabeling, and adulterating. Please keep an eye out for these crimes that impact legally drinking consumers. Report alcohol violations to and use the map to view local violations. Drink Safe!

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