Couple Caught Having Sex In Parking Lot During Massive Explosion Near Great Lakes Crossing

(WWJ) Some people light candles to set the mood … This couple took that to the next level.

A Detroiter was filming the massive fire Monday night that was caused when an oil line ruptured.

He looked at the car next to him in the parking lot — that was surrounded by flames — and saw a couple who appeared to be in the throes of an intimate moment. Apparently, they would allow nothing to stand in the way.

WATCH IT HERE … But note, the video includes coarse language and an adult situation.

The incident happened around 10 p.m. Monday near the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets shopping area in the area of Brown and Joslyn roads. Officials say a gas transmission line ruptured, setting off an explosion and fire that could be seen from miles away. The blast created a crater 18-feet deep and exposed about 30-feet of the 22-inch natural gas line.

Flames could be seen shooting hundreds of feet in the air.


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