Melissa Gilbert, Oliver Stone, Sexual Harassment

DETROIT (WWJ) — “A traumatic experience” — that’s what Michigander and actress Melissa Gilbert calls her audition with director Oliver Stone.

The “Little House on the Prairie” star has came out and claimed to have been sexual harassed and demeaned by Stone during a movie audition years ago. In the 1990’s, she was trying out for a part in “The Doors” movie when Stone allegedly “demeaned” her by springing inappropriate lines on her — describing the lines as “really sexual and very graphic.”

“He asked me not only to read it but to also stage it, to get down on my hands and knees and deliver this really horrendous dialogue,” Gilbert said during a live interview on NBC’s TODAY. “It was sprung on me and I started to cry, he said ‘good that will only make it better’ and I left.”

Stone has responded to Gilbert’s accusations stating everyone auditioning for the role knew how raunchy the dialogue would be.

Gilbert is just one of the latest women to share her story of sexual harassment, and she is looking to take action in forcing change. She said she doesn’t want these stories ignored and just become normalized.

“Now we have to take action and I don’t want people to become ignored to these stories because these stories are coming out, and I don’t want it to become normalized,” Gilbert said. “I want us to do something and I’m trying to now gather all of us together and try to form some kind of entity.”


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