WARREN (WWJ) – Police in Warren giving local religious leaders advice in the aftermath of high-profile church shootings in the U.S.

How, exactly, does one prepare for the unthinkable?

“It’s going to happen again. We are going to have another mass-shooting. It could be in Warren, it could be in Roseville, it could be in Grosse Pointe,” says Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer.

“It’s a fact that this is existing in this world,” says George Vanillam parishioner at St. Mary Indian Orthodox Church in Warren. “How to be prepared, that is the main thing I was here for – so we can know how we can prepare ourselves to meet such a situation.”

“Since the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina a couple years ago and the recent one in Texas – that it’s better to be perpared than prepared,” said Warren Mayor Jim Fouts. “You basically have three choices; you can flee, you can fight or you can freeze.”

The main message from police was if confronted with a situation, don’t delay. If you can, escape but if you can’t, fight back.

Police say over the last decade there have been nearly a 150 shootings in churches.


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