By: Will Burchfield

Support for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan may be waning after an 8-4 season and yet another loss to Ohio State, but John Harbaugh believes his brother has the Wolverines on the cusp of greatness.

“I think you’re very lucky to have him,” John Harbaugh told local media on Wednesday as his Ravens prepare to take on the Lions this weekend. “I think Michigan’s very fortunate to have a great coach, a great coaching staff, who really cares about Michigan and wants Michigan to be great.”

Since taking over a team in 2015 that had gone 12-13 over the prior two seasons, Jim Harbaugh has led Michigan to a record of 28-10. Of course, very few of those wins have been notable.

“I watch it. I think what they’ve accomplished there and the team they’ve become is nothing short of phenomenal. They are on the brink of really doing great things,” said John Harbaugh. “When your only losses are to top-10 teams or top-15 teams or whatever it was this year, I don’t think that speaks too badly of where you’re going as a football program.”

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While the bulk of Harbaugh’s defeats have come against top-ranked opponents, most of wins have come against middle-class teams and below. He has just five victories over ranked opponents and is 1-6 against top-10 teams. Perhaps more frustrating for Michigan fans, Harbaugh is 1-5 versus the duo of Ohio State and Michigan State.

Still, his brother sees championships on the horizon.

“We grew up there, that’s our home. He’s in love with the place,” said John Harbaugh. “I know he’s very determined and it’s very important to him to run a great program, to have character, to do things the right way, for his players to conduct themselves in ways that the fans and the University can be very proud of.

“And also, to win championships. That’s what you work for, and I think they’re on their way. I really do believe that,” Harbaugh said.


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