TROY (WWJ) – A Troy family is praising that city’s police department Wednesday after officers not only extricated a young boy from his bike — they surprised him with a replacement.

“I told my mom I was stuck. And we had to use the jaws of life,” said 5-year-old James.

He’s got the pictures to prove his tangled-tale.

James got his foot stuck between the pedal and the bike frame and needed help from firefighters who used the jaw of life to cut him free.

“None of the neighbors who had tools were home at the time – so we called for help,” said mom Mary Caragee.

She says her son was “pretty devastated” when he learned the bike he had paid for was going to be cut in half.

“He got stuck at 5:15 p.m. — he was free by 6:15 and by 8:30 he had a new bike.”

“They went to the store to buy me a new one,” says James. “I can go so fast on it.”


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