By Mickie McLeod

What two Castaways will be sent packing next? Last night had back-to-back episodes of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers!

With Cole leaving last week, only two Healers are left among the nine, Dr. Mike and Joe.  Mike used his Idol at Tribal last week, but did it matter after all?  Where are the cracks in this tribe? Here’s what you missed last night!

First Hour Episode

The Reward Challenge in the first-hour episode was for tasty burgers and fries! Lauren, a personal favorite of mine, won her second challenge for her game!  She brought Devin, along with Ben, and lastly, she picked Ashley to join in on the feast.  Ryan, Joe, Mike, Chrissy, and JP were left back at camp to eat leftover rice and coconuts.

Lauren is already strategizing, knowing that the alliance of seven between the Heroes and Hustlers are not going to last long.  The reward winners, Devin, Ben, Ashley, and Lauren talk about the possibility of kicking out either Ryan, JP, or Chrissy of the seven. Lauren is certainly playing the game of Survivor!

At reward, along with the burgers and game playing, were letters from home.  Letters from home are always so emotional! Back at camp, Ben was sitting around, reading his letter from home and found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol.  The Marine in him got to work right away and he searched intensely,  resulting in him finding the idol in a tree pot!

At Immunity Challenge, host, Jeff Probst, presented a twist! The twist was if anyone wanted to sit out of the challenge, they could chow down on chocolate and peanut butter instead.  Who felt safe in this challenge to sit out?  Well… Lauren, Ben, and Devin all felt they were pretty secure and decided to skip this challenge and snack.  JP, Ashley, Mike, Joe, Ryan, and Chrissy all competed.

The challenge was a standing balancing challenge on the ocean. The six competed on an individual triangle block as the waves shook their post.  It was down to two, Mike and Ashley, but out of nowhere Mike fell and Ashley had won Individual Immunity!

At Tribal Council, the game was on! The solid seven didn’t seem very solid after the Reward Challenge because Devin, Ben, Ashley, and Lauren now want to split them up.  Before Tribal, Devin comes up with a plan — having Ben be the “secret spy.”

The plan is actually pretty smart! The four are strong together, Ben, Devin, Ashley, and Lauren but Ben will vote along with JP, Ryan, and Chrissy, that way the other three can get Mike and Joe to vote with them. The only way the two outsiders, Mike and Joe, will agree to vote with the three, is if Ben is (“wink wink”) not in the alliance because they don’t like Ben at all.  By doing this, Mike and Joe will vote with Lauren, Devin, and Ashley, leaving Chrissy, Ryan, JP, and “secret spy” Ben voting together too.  Where will the numbers lay and will this plan work?

In the end, it was an #EpicBlindSide and it got JP GOOD! Ben acted “shocked” with JP being voted out, even though he knew what the outcome would be.

Second Hour Episode 

Ryan and Chrissy are mad! They’re so confused of what happened to the solid seven.  Mike and Joe are full of joy though and Ben is feeling like he deserves an award because he’s now playing the role of “being on the out’s” with Chrissy and Ryan. Devin deserves a great amount of credit for this brilliant plan!

Ben, Lauren, Ashley, and Devin are a solid four.  They know Ben is the “secret spy” that will get information on Ryan and Chrissy’s game because those two now think Ben is also on the bottom with them since the three all voted for Mike at last Tribal Council.

The Reward Challenge sounded like pure paradise in this second episode — a reward full of massages, showers, food, and pie! The tribe of eight “Schoolyard picked” for teams of the obstacle course challenge.  It was the Blue team who won the reward, Joe, Ben, Ashley, and Devin. Lauren, Ryan, Chrissy, and Mike were left with nothing.

Ben is still playing the “on the out’s” role in front of Joe and Joe still has no suspicion of his act. The game has now amped up completely with the new alliance of four last episode! It’s actually rather funny.  Mike also has no suspicion because he thinks he’s now in a “solid five.” The fantastic four, Lauren, Devin, Ashley, and Ben are actually conducting this whole scheme and it’s so great to watch!

Individual Immunity was back up for grabs and it was a tough one to earn! The eight remaining Castaways all battled it out in a very precise obstacle course.  It all began with a wheelbarrow, as they each had to balance a pot while wheeling around a few balance beams. After balancing the pot, each castaway had to balance blocks of a word puzzle on their wheelbarrow and across even more beams.  The first person to solve their one-word puzzle had won Immunity.  The word was “Invulnerable” and it was Chrissy who won Immunity!

Before Tribal Council, another plan was thought out by Devin.  The solid four, Ben, Devin, Lauren, and Ashley would all be voting out Joe.  However, to have them work with them, they’re telling Joe and Mike (who think they have an alliance with Devin, Lauren, and Ashley) to vote out Ben.  Joe and Mike don’t like Ben, so they completely stand by this vote! They reveal to Joe and Mike that with Lauren’s extra vote that she received a few weeks ago, splitting their vote will “flush” out Ryan’s Immunity Idol. So what went down after all? Did another brilliant plan work?

Every Castaway in this season is now playing the game of #Survivor! The votes could go any way at Tribal Council.  Timing is everything and it is the key to playing the game! So what happened in episode two? Ryan indeed used his Idol, but it didn’t matter anyway because Joe and Mike were blind-sided.  It was a #MissionComplete and Joe was voted out just as the solid four, Ben, Devin, Lauren, and Ashley wanted all along! Bravo.

Wow! What a great two episodes of Survivor! Only two more episodes are left of this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers! What are your predictions!?

Be sure to watch Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my weekly recaps Thursday on!


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