Detroit, Detroit Police, Automatic Weapon

DETROIT (WWJ) — A local Detroit resident experienced a very scary encounter early this morning when an unknown man holding an automatic gun was waiting outside her door.

A surveillance video of a man holding an automatic gun waiting outside a local resident’s home has circulated on social media today. Dwana Muhammad posted the video on her Facebook page of the stranger reportedly ringing her doorbell at 1:34 a.m. on Saturday holding the weapon. Her post, which included two videos from the surveillance camera and a photo of the suspect, can be seen below.

Muhammad, who lives on the city’s west side in the 20200 block of Asbury Park, spoke with WWJ Newsradio 950 about the incident, and said she at first wasn’t aware the man was holding a gun.

“I have the security alarm system at my house and so the doorbell is very loud and it woke me up,” Muhammad said. “There’s an app on my cellphone and I picked up my phone to look at the app. I saw that there was a person on my porch and I saw that he was holding something, but I really couldn’t tell at that particular point.”

After evaluating the situation, Muhammad was able to see there were two men outside her home and knew something was off. She made sure her 17-year-old son didn’t answer the door, and eventually the two men left. Muhammad says she then called her ex-finance to come over and after they watched the surveillance video, they noticed the weapon being held by one of the men and called the police.

That video has been turned over to the authorities as they are investigating this incident. The two suspects are being described by police as black males, one wearing all black and the other wearing a bubble coat and dark jeans.

Muhammad believes she may have been targeted in this incident, and that it was not a random situation. Because of that, she is taking extra safety measures moving forward and even considering moving to another neighborhood.

“With this being the case and this happening to me I’m definitely going to take additional safety precautions as far as being able to protect myself,” Muhammad said. “I might (have to) move to another area.”

Anyone with information on this incident or the suspect is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department’s 8th precinct at 313-596-5800.

  1. Its highly unlikely that it was an “automatic” gun, try semi-automatic that fires once for each trigger squeeze.

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