By: Evan Jankens

People always seem to find new and creative ways to blow their money online.

Now there’s this: A GoFundMe page has been set up to try to buy out Jim Caldwell’s contract. The page says it’s asking for a cool $10 million.

The description says, “Jim Caldwell needs to go! Falling behind and every game this season and trying to storm back and win the game. Failing to win the division when given ample chances. His lack of inspiration, prep, and drive. He shows us no emotion and acts to smug to care what us Diehards feel or think. Enough is Enough!”

In September of this year it was reported that Caldwell has signed an extension with the team.

“The multi-year deal was signed months ago,” says Schefter, “just not disclosed, per source. Deal silences speculation he was in last year of deal.”

Even though the page was setup on Monday, it doesn’t look as if it has raised any money yet.

As there’s no claim the Lions would allow anyone to buy him out, it’s more of a ceremonial donation than anything else.


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