Mike Valenti Rant: Caldwell Has To Go [VIDEO]

(97.1 The Ticket) This weekend’s Lions game was egregious on a number of levels, said 97.1 The Ticket afternoon host Mike Valenti.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because the fact Lions coach Jim Caldwell has a job means Detroit doesn’t care about his performance, according to a passionate Valenti.

“I have never seen a team take a snap with nine players on the field,” Valenti said. “I have never seen it.”

It’s fire-able, Valenti said.

“This stuff … this doesn’t fly in New York. You know what happened today in New York? It mattered? OK, bleep mattered. My Giants just broomed out a GM with a Super Bowl, broomed out a coach who made the playoffs last year. The record is one thing this year where the Giants are a Dumpster fire. But you know what it was about? Malfeasance, the bungling of a situation. The Giants screwed up with Eli Manning, John Mara was furious. So you know what he did? He did what a real owner does. He put a bullet in the coach. And then he put  a bullet in the general manager, and said you’re both out of here because you both embarrassed this organization.

“That’s what a real owner does in a real city, where it matters.”

Detroit, he said, is stuck with an old lady who doesn’t care about football.

“It it mattered to Martha, and if it mattered to the family … Jim Caldwell would be a dead man walking.”

In one of the more memorable lines from this rant, Valenti said Caldwell’s list of mistakes reads like a “cartel member’s rap sheet.”




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