By: Evan Jankens

Earlier this week, Mark Dantonio may have taken a subtle jab at the Michigan Wolverines when he said he would concentrate on beating the Michigan Wolverines after he was asked about being snubbed from the Outback Bowl.

Jim Harbaugh fired back by tweeting, “Saw Coach D comments on continuing to “focus” on how “he” can beat Michigan. Congrats on turning around a 3-9 team, plagued with off field issues. Good for BIG to have him back.”

And then it just kept escalating.

Dantonio replied saying, “For all Spartans, “it’s not over, it’ll never be over, it’s just getting started” #SpartansWill”

Harbaugh is in Tampa, FL to promote Michigan in the Outback Bowl and talked about his tweet in reference to Michigan State.

“I didn’t understand how he dragged us into his frustration about what bowl game he went to, I just prefer he didn’t talk about us.”

The reporter Justin Granit then asked, “healthy though to have a little fun right?”

“Yeah, yeah, healthy,” Harbaugh responded.

I feel that this is only the start to what will become an amazing rivalry if these two coaches continue to go back and fourth.


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