Detroit Fire Department, Detroit, Marijuana Grow House, Explosion

DETROIT (WWJ) — One person is dead after an explosion this evening at a marijuana grow house on Detroit’s east side.

Detroit Fire Deputy Commissioner Dave Fornell said crews originally responded a little after 9 p.m. and didn’t find evidence of an explosion, but upon further investigation they found that one man had died at the building in the 1000 block of Morang.

“When we got there, there was no fire damage and our (crews) search the building,” Fornell said. “A civilian led us to the rear where we found a deceased male who appeared to be a victim of an explosion. Again, we had no fire and minimal damage.”

Once the Detroit Fire Department crews found the dead man, they turned the investigation over to the Detroit Police, Farnell said. The Detroit Police are now in charge of this investigation.

Fornell said the Detroit Police’s bomb squad is on the scene currently investigating what caused the explosion. The preliminary investigation revealed that the facility housed several pressurized tanks, which appear to have exploded and caused the fatality.

There is no information on the deceased man at this time. The body will be turned over to the medical examiner to determine the official cause of death.

Stay with CBS Detroit and WWJ Newsradio 950 for updates on this story as they become available. 

  1. Just more fruit of the poisoned tree called cannabis prohibition. Destructive government legislation that increases violence and destruction and does nothing to improve Public Safety.

    Alcohol prohibition in the US was responsible for an increase in alcohol consumption and a massive expansion of organized crime in our nation. In the wake of alcohol prohibition, murder, mayhem, lawlessness and destruction. Once the damage was done we were smart enough to repeal the idiocy of alcohol prohibition. Our government was stupid enough however to go forward and repeat the exact same mistake regarding other vices like cannabis, further strengthening the crime lords we were trying to rid ourselves of.

    The “War on Drugs” that was launched in the US is still being forced on other nations and has been a complete global disaster. Shooting ourselves in the foot wasn’t bad enough, we then held a fiscal gun on other nations like Colombia, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica etc. and forced them to repeat the exact same mistake. This total debacle has resulted in the creation of huge powerful global crime cartels and a crime wave of epic proportions destroying the lives of people it was supposed to protect.

    Time to end the failed war on cannabis and legalize nationwide!

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