DETROIT (WWJ) – The city of Detroit is calling in backup to make sure all 1,884 miles of residential streets are plowed following Wednesday’s major snowfall.

Detroit Public Works has had 50 snow plows on the road working the major arteries — roughly 673 miles — since Wednesday morning. No less than six inches of snow fell across the city.

Four private contractors have also been called in to clear neighborhood streets. Under contract, they have 24 hours to complete their work. City inspectors will be conducting spot checks to verify the streets have been plowed or to notify contractors of incomplete work that must be attended to.

Residents are being asked to avoid parking on the street until contractors have completed their work to avoid being plowed in or hindering the work of plow drivers.

DDOT continues to run its full fleet of regularly scheduled buses, although customers should expect some delays due to the snow and road conditions.

Residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks in a manner that makes it safe for pedestrians. Snow removal companies and property owners are prohibited from shoveling snow from their property onto public roadways.


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