By Mickie McLeod

Only six Castaways are left on this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and what a season it’s been!  Next week is the Season Finale. Who will Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast — earning the title of SOLE SURVIVOR?

I’ve been watching this show since I was eight and let me tell ya, there’s no show like it! What did you miss this week? You can always count on me to fill you in.

Lauren was voted out last week and it was a big shocker for everyone! Ben used his Hidden Immunity Idol at last Tribal Council, which kept him safe, leaving only his vote that counted towards Lauren. No one had any idea that he had an Idol in his pocket and they all wrote down his name. Needless to say, Ben has an even BIGGER target on his back now! Throughout this episode, Ben is taking every chance he gets to sneak off, hoping to find another Hidden Immunity Idol.

Reward Challenge

The reward challenge this week was such a dream.  The reward was a night at a hotel on a private island. This private island had a luxurious pool among the beautiful ocean and all you can eat and drink! This challenge, the six were randomly paired up to complete a partner obstacle challenge. The pairs were Ashley and Ben, Chrissy and Devin, and Mike and Ryan.

The pairs had to follow along obstacles of wood panels as they were hooked to a large rope and had to untangle themselves along the way.  Once the obstacles were completed together, the two had to throw a set of rings onto posts.  The first pair to finish their ring toss won the luxury! It was Chrissy and Devin who won this reward and they both picked Ryan to join. Ashley, Devin’s main ally, was surprised by this decision.  That left her, Mike, and Ben back at camp.  Ben didn’t necessarily mind though, that way he can spend more time looking for that possible Hidden Immunity Idol!

At Reward, it was clear that Devin broke off his alliance with Ashley.  He decided that it’s best to go on with Chrissy and Ryan after all.  With Ben back at camp, he’s doing his best to work with Ashley, but she doesn’t give in. Unlike Devin, Ashley still trusts and stands by her alliance.

Individual Immunity Challenge

Immunity is back up for grabs! Survivor is just so entertaining to watch, especially a challenge like this one.  The Final 6 were battling it out in this obstacle race for their guaranteed spot in the Final 5! Racing along the obstacle, the castaways had to climb, toss, do more climbing, and even more tossing just to get their way up to an awesome, Survivor-homemade, cog puzzle.  Once the difficult cog puzzle was solved correctly, it would spin to raise the Immunity Flag.  In the end of the fun challenge, it was Chrissy who won Immunity and earned her spot in the Final 5!

Tribal Council

Chrissy won Immunity and Ben surely did not.  He’s had a target on his back for days now and it’s certain that everyone would be voting him out at Tribal Council.

Throughout the episode, Ben has been looking everywhere for a possible Hidden Immunity Idol.  Traditionally in Survivor, once an Idol has been played, a new Idol is brought back into the game. However, it seems that Ben was the only one to know that because he was the only one who was looking for it!

After spending all his downtime searching, Ben finally found a clue to the last Hidden Immunity Idol.  The clue had stated that the last Idol would be hidden under where everyone sleeps at camp.  This last Idol would be the hardest to retrieve and Ben had to grab it before heading to Tribal.  So… what exactly happened?

When arriving at Tribal, it was unknown to everyone if Ben actually found an Idol, but they were sure about writing his name down anyway.  Devin felt confident coming into Tribal and he made it known that Ben would be voted out.  Feeling insecure, Ben had enough of the confidence around him and revealed that he did indeed retrieve that last Hidden Immunity Idol and he put the Idol necklace around his neck.  To establish more power, Ben decided to “play” his Hidden Immunity Idol BEFORE the votes were even cast!

Ben once again dropped a bomb on the rest of the tribe! This guy is sneaky, but he’s playing Survivor RIGHT!  Shocking the rest of the castaways, Ben said he would be willing to write down Mike’s name if anyone wanted to join.  In the end, it wasn’t Mike’s name that was written down though; it was Ashley’s.  Devin betrayed his alliance with her and went along with Chrissy’s decision of voting her out.  Ben was safe once again with a Hidden Immunity Idol and it’ll DEFINITELY be a showdown next week!

What a season, especially these last couple episodes.  I can never get enough Survivor; it’s just the best! My favorite castaway from the beginning was Ryan, but then Lauren was just so awesome that I really thought she was going to win it all! After Lauren was voted out, I realized that Devin’s game may be the most deserving to win, but… can we just acknowledge Ben!? I mean come on, this guy has been killing the game this season!  What are your predictions? Tweet me @mick_cloudy. I can’t wait until next week!

Don’t miss the two-hour Season Finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers NEXT WEDNESDAY, 12/20 at 8/7c on CBS!

  1. Ben is playing a great game. Loved that he found another idol :)

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