So…Michigan tried to auction off a pair of Jim Harbaugh’s famous game-worn khakis, autographed by Harbaugh himself, at its end-of-season awards banquet on Tuesday night. No one bid on them.

End of story, right?

Not quite.

Enter Harbaugh’s newest rival, Mark Dantonio.

On Wednesday Dantonio was doing an interview alongside Mike Leach in advance of the Holiday Bowl between Michigan State and Washington State, when the interviewer from KUSI News interrupted Dantonio to say…

“It’s 2017, so everyone gets into a Twitter war. I don’t want to talk about Twitter, I don’t want to talk about the folks in Ann Arbor. I’ll just say this. There was an auction on Tuesday at Michigan and they auctioned off a game-worn pair of Jim Harbaugh’s khakis. How much do you think they auctioned off Jim Harbaugh’s khakis for and how much do you think they sold for?”

Dantonio smiled briefly, shook his head and said, “It’s sort of irrelevant to this conversation, really, so I’ll pass on that.”

The garrulous Leach cut the tension by saying, “I’ll start wearing khakis. I got a pair on now, but that’s just strictly ceremonial.”

Asked if he was wearing the khakis for intimidation, Leach said, “No, I’m just a sharp-dressed guy. The clothes make the man, so I’m trying to be as polished and mainstream as I possibly can.”

Leach is known for going on long-winded tangents during interviews, such as when he spent three minutes giving a reporter wedding advice last month.

“Shoot, if somebody makes the mistake of asking me a question about something, I will give them an honest answer the best I can — although there’s a fair possibility I may screw them up more than help them. But they kind of assume the risk if they are going to make the mistake of asking me,” Leach said.

The relationship between Harbaugh and Dantonio has turned a bit icy of late, beginning with a Twitter spat earlier this month. Harbaugh later said, “I prefer he didn’t talk about us,” and though Harbaugh didn’t specifically say anything about his khakis, on Wednesday Dantonio obliged.


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