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DETROIT — It’s finally going to happen — the Detroit Lions for the first time ever will wear their color rush uniform tomorrow.

It’s been a long time coming for fans wanting a color rush uniform for the Detroit Lions. Those fans will finally get that wish on Saturday when the Lions wear their all-grey color rush uniform against the Chicago Bears. The Lions are one of only a few teams that have never worn a color rush jersey.

If you need a reminder, check below to see what the entire uniform looks like:

The jerseys appeared to get a mix of reviews when the team released them in July. That announcement was part of four brand new uniforms the team released. At that time, the Lions said the official color of these uniforms was “dark steel grey.”

“The new color rush jerseys are dark steel grey (anthracite) colored with white numerals trimmed in Honolulu blue,” the Lions said in a press release. “Sleeves are similar in style to the away uniforms with the Honolulu blue striping. The right sleeve features ‘LIONS’ screen-printed in white and the left sleeve again features the initials WCF with two vertical bars (Honolulu blue and silver).”

The all-grey color rush jerseys were actually the club’s second released color rush uniform. If you remember, the Lions released an all-black color rush uniform last year, however, never got the chance to wear it because their only Thursday game was on Thanksgiving.

Now that the Lions are finally set to wear their alternate uniform, what are your thoughts? Yea or nay on these jerseys?

  1. NAY! Just got home from the Lions Bears game in Detroit. The Color Rush uniforms are UGLY! They might look nice up close, but from the stands the uniform looks like the team is wearing long underwear, or cheap sweats! I am a Lions fan, and while wearing my “Honolulu Blue”, it was so great to see that color dispersed among the fans throughout Ford Field. Then here come the Lions onto the field, looking completely drab! I am grateful for the Detroit victory, but the Bears looked so much better in their crisp bright colored uniforms. I read that the Lions new grey is supposed to represent the “grit” of the city of Detroit, but Detrot is trying to shake that image, and become a world class city, so WHO thought this up?!?!?

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