By: Will Burchfield

The Lions haven’t needed any help coming up with touchdown celebrations this season — they’ve been plenty creative on their own.

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They’ve jumped rope. They’ve played ping pong. They’ve staged a game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

Along with the Steelers, the Lions have set the standard for end zone choreography.

Nevertheless, they got a visit recently from a man by the name of Boogie Down Brown, professional touchdown celebration consultant. Coach Brown wanted to help the Lions out.

“He came in this week and critiqued us,” said Golden Tate, “so we really wanted to make him proud.”

Their first chance in Saturday’s win over the Bears came on T.J. Jones’ touchdown in the second quarter. Just as Coach Brown had taught them, the quintet of Jones, Tate, Marvin Jones, Eric Ebron and Theo Riddick linked arms and danced like the Rockettes.

“Hopefully we did it correctly,” Tate said. “We’ll be anxiously awaiting what he thought of it.”

Ebron, who later scored a touchdown himself, was pleased with the Lions’ execution.

“That’s how we attack these celebrations,” he said with a smile. “We should have gotten eight points, as Boogie Brown would say.”

That’s right. Coach Brown is of the belief that the NFL should do away with point-after attempts and instead award points based on the quality of a team’s celebration. The better the celebration, one would presume, the bigger the reward.

One other thing about Boogie Down Brown? He’s a made-up character played by actor and Detroit-native Keegan-Michael Key.

A lifelong Lions fan, Key brought Coach Brown to the Lions’ practice facility last week.

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“He’s a huge Lions fan,” Ebron said of Key. “I think I met him last year or two years ago maybe, and just always stayed in contact. They hit us up and we’re like, ‘Hey, we want to do a skit with you guys.”

Ebron’s response?

“Cool. Let’s go.”

As creative as the Lions have been in the end zone this season, the Rockettes dance was indeed Coach Brown’s idea. It was the perfect way to embrace the Christmas spirit.

“He kind of threw that lob to us,” said Ebron.

The Lions perfected it on Friday.

“We only need five minutes of practice. We’re professionals,” Ebron said.

Interestingly, the spotlight-craving Ebron didn’t break out anything special after hauling in his third touchdown of the season.

“I did the chicken noodle soup last time, but I’m done,” he said. “I just blank out sometimes and I’ll be stuck. They’ll be asking me, ‘What do you want to do?’ and I just froze up. I’m a punk.”

“But when everybody else scores,” Ebron added, “I’m ready to celebrate.”

The Lions had a Halloween-themed celebration ready to go back in Week 8 versus the Steelers, but they never made it into the end zone. They broke out the Rockettes on Saturday in advance of Christmas. Any chance they have something in store for New Year’s Eve, when they take on the Packers?

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“Just poppin’ bottles,” Ebron smiled. “Hopefully we win.”