(97.1 The Ticket) Former Piston Charlie Villanueva had his Dallas home burglarized on Tuesday night, and the thieves made off with one very odd item.

“They stole my toilet,” Villanueva said on Twitter. “I’m not making this sh*t up.”

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Villanueva said the thieves also stole all of his kitchen appliances, but he couldn’t get over the one they plundered from his bathroom.

Even on Wednesday morning, Villanueva was still shaking his head.

Naturally, Twitter has come to Villanueva’s…support. A fragrance company that specializes in toilet deodorizing sprays offered to help solve the problem.

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“Send us a DM! We want to help make this shi**y situation better!” replied Poo-Pourri.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user created a handle for the swiped toilet.

On top of his toilet shock, Villanueva was frustrated the Dallas police department didn’t respond to him in a timely manner.

Villanueva unfortunately misspelled ‘toilet’ in the above hashtag, or it may have started trending worldwide.

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The retired 33-year-old played for the Pistons for five seasons from 2009-10 to 2013-14. His last NBA season was in 2015-16 with the Mavericks.