TOLEDO, Ohio (WWJ) – Authorities have released audio from a 911 call by a woman whose car was struck with a sandbag, thrown off an overpass on I-75.

Marquise Bryd of Warren, a passenger in that vehicle, remains in critical condition a day after the bag crashed through the car’s windshield, striking him in the head.

The 22-year-old victim’s friend, who was behind the wheel, was frantic as she called for help on the side of the freeway, near Toledo.

“Something hit my car, it hit my friend, and he is not moving. Oh my God!” the woman says, clearly in distress. “I was driving underneath a bridge and something just hit my car… My windshield is like smashed out.”

“God, God…He is laid out at my feet! I think this windshield might have smacked his head,” she continues, struggling to describe her location and begging for someone to come right away.

Sgt. Kevan Tony of the Toledo Police Department said that after first responders tended to Byrd, who was unconscious at the scene, they went in pursuit of four young suspects seen leaving the area.

The four — ages 13 to 14 — are in custody at the Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center, facing felonious assault charges.


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