Man Mistakenly Accused Of Indecent Exposure ... Turns Out He Was Driving With Sex Toy

PLYMOUTH TWP (WWJ) No, he wasn’t just happy to see them … Officers stopped a man who was driving in Plymouth Township with what appeared to be exposed private parts.

A woman had called and complained the man had exposed himself to her at a traffic light at Ann Arbor and Haggerty roads.

But not so fast: When officers found him stopped at a red light in his silver Ford Edge, the man was actually fully clothed. However, he had a 12 inch sex toy on his lap.

He explained to officers he was trying to put a sex toy in his pants to surprise his wife, according to police. He was allegedly wrangling with his zipper when the woman spotted him.

The driver explained to police he planned to take a photo for his wife.

There is no law on the books about driving while in possession of a sex toy — however, while securing the sex toy, he had failed to wear a seatbelt.

When asked why he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, the man allegedly told police “because I’m dumb.” He was ticketed for not wearing his safety belt. Officers also advised him to make better decisions behind the wheel.

Police checked back with the complainant, who conceded she could have been mistaken about what exactly she saw. And he did have a cell phone in his hand when she spotted him.


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