By Mickie McLeod

Wow, what a showdown during the Finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers! Only one castaway would be crowned Sole Survivor. The remaining 5 Castaways were left to battle to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast!

Devin – Hustler
Chrissy – Hero
Ben – Hero
Mike – Healer
Ryan – Hustler

Just when you thought you saw it all… Survivor NEVER fails to bring a great Season Finale! Here’s what you missed last night…

Final 4

Must I remind you how bad everyone wants Ben voted out? He’s played two Idols back-to-back and the Survivor gods have been on his side! Ben says, “as long as my heart is beating, I’m looking for an Idol.” As you may guess, Ben continued looking for an Idol in order to get his way to the Final 4.

Everyone assumed he wouldn’t possibly find another Hidden Immunity Idol. While they all got a good night’s rest, Ben stayed up until dawn and searched incredibly for the Idol. He kept reminding himself why he was out there. As a veteran that used to struggle with PTSD, he fought a long journey to get to where he is today. He reminded himself that winning this game and the one million dollars would give his family so much for the future that he always wanted. With hard work and dedication to finding it, you better believe it, and Ben found IDOL #3!!!

It was so fun to watch this because Survivor history was surely being made! Everyone wanted Ben out for weeks now and with ANOTHER Idol, no one would even expect him playing one again at next Tribal Council! I must ask; why didn’t anyone stop him from going off to find these Idols all alone?!

Before the Immunity Challenge, Chrissy tried to make up with Ben and asked if they could “be friends again.” Ben didn’t once tell anyone that he’s had any Idols and continued playing that way with Chrissy. He didn’t buy into Chrissy’s “truths” and wanted her voted out next. Because he has the Hidden Immunity Idol, Ben was certain she was going next. Unfortunately for him, she won both a Reward and Individually Immunity, as she invited both Mike and Devin to join her on the reward feast.

Ben’s constantly one step ahead of everyone and it’s amazing. During their reward, Chrissy, Devin, and Mike decided to make a “brilliant” plan and “fool” Ben. They decide to take Ryan’s dead-Idol from earlier in the game and act like its the “real” one in play, that way, Ben can stop looking for it. Little did they know, Ben already found the real Hidden Immunity Idol! Chrissy continued and played with the idea, told Ben that she found the Idol, and she showed him the fake one. Ben played along too with her lies but later cracks up because he knows the joke isn’t on him.

As predicted, Tribal Council was hysterical. Chrissy was confident that Ben would be voted out as she played along with the fake Idol once again during Tribal. It was Devin who followed his gut feeling, however. Not as planned, Devin decided to vote out Mike the very last minute. Devin was sure that Ben had another trick up his sleeve… and you bet he did.

Another #BenBomb was dropped at Tribal as he played his third Hidden Immunity Idol. Ben voted for Devin, Devin voted for Mike, and Chrissy, Ryan, and Mike all voted for Ben. Because Ben’s votes didn’t count, it was either between Mike or Devin they had to re-vote out. Devin saved himself big time by voting Mike and it payed off because in the end, they re-voted and sent Mike home.

Final 3

Wow, Ben once again made it past another Tribal Council. Unbelievable… this Vet. is a beast in this game. The Final Four:


Ben knew he had to win this last Immunity Challenge in the game in order to be brought to the Final 3. He knew he was such a threat and that it was certain that everyone was going to vote him out.

This Immunity Challenge was the most intense challenge ever. By balancing letter blocks on a weird metal frame thing, the castaways had to spell out “Heroes – Healers – Hustlers” without dropping any of the blocks down at the same time. It was crazy! Ben jumped for joy when he spelled it ALL out, but had the letter “U” in Hustlers upside down! When fixing the mistake, all of his blocks came tumbling, but so did everyone else’. The word, ‘tense’ doesn’t even describe this challenge fully — it was stressful to even watch! Was Ben going to earn his spot in the Final 3? That’s what everyone was thinking while watching this intense challenge. In the end, Chrissy won once again Individual Immunity and earned her spot in the Finals! That’s not it though… Chrissy also got one last secret advantage in this game.

The secret advantaged sounded like another one of Ben’s Survivor gods. After losing badly in the Immunity Challenge, Ben was doing all he could to survive, since no more Idols were left to be found or played. He was desperate. Chrissy revealed the advantage to only Ryan and Devin, leaving Ben out, obviously. The advantage was that Chrissy got to pick who she wanted to sit with at the Finals and the remaining two would battle it out for their Final 3 spot by making fire out of flint.

Chrissy revealed the advantage to only Devin and Ryan, explaining that she would like to take Ryan and have Devin beat Ben in the fire-making challenge that takes place at Tribal. Devin had no doubt and knew he would beat Ben easily. However, he barely practiced and had too much trust in his game.

I bet you know what I’m going to say… yes, Ben swept in and WON the fire-making challenge, guaranteeing him that last spot in the Final 3.

The Winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

There we have it: a Bellhop, a Mom, and a Veteran: Ryan, Chrissy, and Ben. Who earned the title of this season? I think it was well deserved and completely earned.

I loved watching Ryan during the first weeks, but it was clear that Chrissy took over his game. However, Ben was the only one that fought for his game the hardest and the wisest. It was the Jury who decided who would win the one million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. BEN, the veteran cowboy won this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers!

It was well deserved and Ben winning was very touching at the Survivor Finale! At the LIVE Finale, Ben discussed his journey with PTSD and some friends from when he was active on duty, gave him a surprise visit after he was given his check for the one million dollars. It was emotional and raw what we were watching on T.V. Ben was so happy and emotional. There’s seriously no better show than the show, Survivor!

Wow, one day I will get on Survivor, but for now, I’ll be a fan-girl and write recaps! I can’t believe this season is over. It’s nothing to be too bummed out about though because a new season of Survivor will pick back up in February! This next season is called Survivor: Ghost Island! Ghost Island represents all the bad decisions made by former players. Think of it as the graveyard for Survivor mistakes! Castaways who spend the night on Ghost Island will sleep underneath the 35 previous torch snuffers. It definitely jogs tons of memories of those crazy Survivor hauntings!

Be sure to watch the new season of Survivor: Ghost Island this February of 2018!

To learn more about PTSD, go to


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