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DETROIT (WWJ) — It’s Christmas Eve and that means the big jolly guy in the red suit with a long white beard is out and about. But when will he be arriving to your home? That can be answered here!

A Christmas tradition is back at it again with the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa Tracker in full swing, mapping Santa’s trip as we speak. It’s actually been launched for the entire month of December, but with tomorrow being Christmas we can finally see Kris Kringle in pursuit as he hands out presents across the world.

As of 11:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve, Santa had made it through numerous countries in Asia and was making his way through Russia. Click here to stay up to date with where ole Saint Nick is right now. Those interested can also have their children receive updates by sending an email to

The website also features fun games and activities for the entire family to enjoy over these next two days.

The Santa Tracker has traditionally been put on by the North American Aerospace Defense Command — also known as NORAD — since the mid-1950’s. It reportedly all started when an ad telling children to call Santa but a misprint resulted in calls being made to the on-duty crew commander at the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center. It’s been a tradition of theirs ever since.


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