DETROIT (WWJ) – The metro Detroit area got a heap of snow for Christmas and the effects are being felt by drivers Tuesday.

One tipster calling into WWJ to say the drive along I-75 in the downriver are was “frightening.”

Tipster Carol drove up I-75 from Ohio, everything was fine, she says…

” … til I crossed over into Wayne County and then I-75 became a sheet of ice, there are at least eight accidents, there are police all over the road. I was slipping myself, I put on my hazards – I was going about 20- 30 mph, there was even a car turned over, on its side, facing backwards.”

But the accidents and spinouts were not limited to I-75 … freeways across metro Detroit had a number of issues.

Lt. Mike Shaw with the Michigan State Police says troopers are dealing with numerous spinouts.

“If you end up going out into a ditch and there is no damage to your vehicle – you can call a tow-truck and just have it towed away – but if there is more than a $1000 in damage – then you need to give us a call because we need to give you a crash report,” said Shaw.

Police are on the scene tending to the number of spinout accidents – most of which are caused by drivers going too fast for conditions say authorities.

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  1. Katie Snyder says:

    Michigan used to be good at getting and keeping the roads cleared. Not any more, budget cuts and excuses is the norm now. Thanks GOP.

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