CBS Local — An Army veteran in Oklahoma was reunited with his missing dog just in time for Christmas. The dog, found on Christmas Eve, was missing for nearly a week after her owner’s house was burglarized on Dec. 20.

“It appeared that they were going to steal my valuables, however they ended up only taking my beautiful dog,” veteran Geoff Hoffman wrote on his Facebook page after the crime. A frantic search for Bridget, the three-year-old pit bull, began as local animal rescue groups and social media users spread the story of the apparent dog-napping.

Luckily, Bridget was found on Christmas Eve morning by Hoffman’s girlfriend, curled up on the side of the road with no sign of who took her. “When she approached, Bridget started to wag her tail. Typical Bridget,” Hoffman wrote after being reunited with the pup.

Unfortunately, Bridget suffered a number of injuries, including several deep cuts to her legs. “She was very dehydrated, had blood in her stool, and some sort of rash all over her body. The poor thing was exhausted,” the veteran added.

Friends of Hoffman have already set up a GoFundMe page for Bridget’s medical bills and raised over $700 the first day it was open.

“The animal shelters knew exactly who I was before I even said a word. You are all amazing. As I reflect on the past five days, I am overwhelmed with gratitude,” Bridget’s owner said.

Hoffman has created a special Facebook page devoted to Bridget’s recovery after social media users spread the hashtag #BringBridgetBack during the five-day search.