(CBS Detroit) Lions general manager Bob Quinn fired Jim Caldwell in large part because he couldn’t beat the top teams in the league.

Detroit’s next coach, whomever it may be, will immediately get a chance to prove he’s different.

The Lions are set to face some stiff competition in 2018.

Dates for the games haven’t yet been announced, but here’s who the Lions will see next season based on the NFL’s scheduling formula.


Patriots (13-3, first in AFC)

Rams (11-5, first in NFC West)

Panthers (11-5, first in NFC South)

Seahawks (9-7, second in NFC West)

Jets (5-11, last in AFC East)


Cowboys (9-7, second in NFC East)

Bills (9-7, second in AFC East)

Cardinals (8-8, third in NFC West)

Dolphins (6-10, third in AFC East)

49ers (6-10, last in NFC West)

That’s without mentioning Detroit’s home and away games versus its NFC North rivals, two of whom, the Vikings and the Packers, will be playoff contenders.

If the Lions are ready to break into the NFL’s upper echelon, they’ll get a chance to prove it in 2018.


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