By @GeorgeJFox

The Detroit Lions’ attempts to establish a run game in 2017 is now a “Friends” intro parody thanks to a fan-made video posted to YouTube. It’s gaining attention on the Lions section on Reddit with mostly laughs, but who is the joke on?

“Not sure what this was about, but Caldwell was the best part!”, commented user Moclordimick.

The cast of characters is long including running backs Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, Tion Green, Dwayne Washington, Zach Zenner and of course the former head coach Jim Caldwell.

The quick clips shows triumphs and tribulations of the team’s running game interspersed with Caldwell. The team ranked dead last in the league for rushing yards.

The guys are showcased as the league’s likable losers. Here’s to hoping next season sees surprise guests (a good coach) and hopefully a less hilarious game of revolving running backs.

Sadly Zach Zenner didn’t touch the ball in his clip. He only had 14 attempts this year.

For the unfamiliar, the Lions section of Reddit also known as a subreddit or sub for short is filled with meme makers and this kind of content is currency there. They were voted the best Reddit community in the league in 2017.


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