Metro Detroit Braces For Another Bout Of Snow This Weekend

(WWJ) Balmy temperatures blowing in later this week were the talk in metro Detroit offices Tuesday with news the high should be at or above 50 degrees on Thursday.

Get out the shorts and tiki umbrellas! Then return them to the closet, and shove them way, way in the back.

Because on the heels of that warm burst of air — that’s welcome in an area that has suffered below freezing temperatures for weeks — comes this: freezing weather with the potential for snow.

That’s right, snow could be on its way. And there could be a lot of it.

While some were already reacting to it on social media, the National Weather Service and Accuweather are warning that heavy snow this weekend in metro Detroit is just a possibility at this point and not a certainty.

There are two certainties: It’s about to get cold again in the D, very cold, and WWJ AccuWeather Meteorologist Dave Samuel says a major winter storm is on the way.

But no one knows where exactly it will hit.

“It will produce upwards of a foot of snow, but it’s tough to say if Detroit will get it,” Samuel said. “At the least this will have some impact on Southeast Michigan…but just now much — it’s a little too early to tell.”

Sara Pampreen, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, agreed there’s a potential for snow. “But we don’t know much beyond that,” she said.  “It depends on where the track goes.”

She added the “the models are all over the place; One says it’s going to be a direct hit, the other one says it’s not.”

Pampreen said in the next day or so the track will become known. Worst case scenario, if the low pressure systems stays south of this area, metro Detroit would get hit by the north side of the low pressure system, and we could potentially get heavier show.

At this point, Samuel said, it looks like areas to the east of metro Detroit, including Ontario, may see the brunt of this storm. But they’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

Whether or not there’s snow, meteorologists do know we’re about to experience another deep freeze. Temperatures in metro Detroit are expected to struggle to a high in the teens every day from Friday into next week.
See the full forecast HERE.




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