DETROIT (WWJ) – A steady stream of customers needing car repair as Michigan roads chew up the tires of area drivers.

Phones are ringing off the hook at Holbrook Tire and Glass Repair for Sam Savaya thanks to some pretty nasty potholes on residential roads and freeways.

Flat tires, cracked rims and blowouts Savaya has seen it all.

“A lot of people are stressed out here, we have to do something about those potholes. I see a lot of people come in here and they are not very happy people – they come in here – it’s not a flower shop and I gotta put up with everybody … they are good people and at the end when we fix it – try to fix everything but it’s very bad out there,” said Savaya.

The majority of customers are coming in with cracked rims.

Savaya is advising motorists to check their tire pressure and says you should be checking your tires monthly (there are two steps).


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