By: Evan Jankens

When someone walks into the boss’ office and asks for a raise … they usually have a list of reasons why they deserve it.

So, we can’t help but wonder what would be on Jim Harbaugh’s list? Harbaugh is reportedly getting a raise based on his initial contract he signed with the Michigan Wolverines.

According to

According to the terms of his contract, Harbaugh will earn a 10 percent raise on his $500,000-a-year salary, and, more lucratively, a 10 percent raise on his $4.5 million in additional compensation (media obligations, public appearances, etc.)

That means Harbaugh — who signed a seven-year contract in December 2014 that paid him $5 million a year over the first two years — is set to make $5.5 million in 2018.

Jim Harbaugh went 8-5 in his third season with the Wolverines and the team took a step back from the team’s previous 10-win season.

And Michigan is 1-5 under Harbaugh against rivals Michigan State and Ohio State. Brady Hoke, a man mostly maligned by Michigan fans, and eventually fired, was 2-2 in his first two seasons.

A troubling statistic for most fans: Harbaugh’s record was 24-7 through 31 games, the exact same statistic Hoke had.

Whether he deserves it or not, as Michigan beat writer Nick Baumgardner points out, the raise was already built into Harbaugh’s contract. Should the team try to renegotiate the terms based on performance?

The Mlive story continued to say that Michigan’s offensive coordinator Tim Drevno and defensive coordinator Don Brown would also earn retention bonuses.

Overall in Harbaugh’s three seasons with the Wolverines, he is 26-11.


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