FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – Police were called to deal with a disturbance Wednesday, at an Oakland County Sam’s Club that is slated to close.

On the phone with WWJ Newsradio 950, tipster Lorna said things were chaotic with a huge crowd, some 600 people, during a 50-percent off going-out-of-business sale at the location at 14 Mile Road and Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills.

“It was absolutely an insane scene there today,” said Lorna, who declined to give her last name. “Management has now closed it because it’s just getting, as they termed it, ‘too nuts inside and a little nuts outside.'”

Farmington Hills police confirmed to WWJ that they were called out to deal with the commotion at the store, saying Sam’s Club employees was “overwhelmed” by the  crowd. However, there was no word of any physical fighting and no arrests were made.

Lorna said many customers retained their composure, while others were grabbing marked down items and arguing.

“The people that I was with — I didn’t know any of them, we were like all strangers — but even the group that I was standing with, everybody was shaking their heads going: It’s a 50 percent off sale. Go in, get what you want, go through the checkout line, and leave. That’s it!”

The store is now closed for the day.

One of two Michigan Sam’s Club stores set to close, the Farmington Hills location will be shuttered for good on Saturday. January 27. Parent company Wal-Mart Inc. announced last week that it would close dozens of Sam’s Club stores nationwide.

  1. Yen Whit says:

    I know yall ain’t coming over on 8 Mile at that Sam’s startin no stuff

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