DETROIT (WWJ) –  No bigger than … well, a rock. What are the odds you could find a recently landed chunk of meteorite? Two men in Hamburg Township might say those odds are worth taking — after finding meteorites shortly after a meteor event Tuesday night.

It was a meteor, one that NASA found was traveling at about 28,000 miles per hour. NASA data shows “that the object penetrated deep into the atmosphere before it broke apart (which produced the sounds heard by many observers).”

NASA scientists also found it “likely that there are meteorites on the ground,” noting that a staffer at Johnson Space Center found a “Doppler weather radar signature characteristic of meteoritic material falling to earth.”

The American Meteor Society says Robert Ward and Larry Atkins — professional hunters — found the first two pieces on an iced-over lake in Hamburg Township.

The two are planning on donating a portion of each meteorite to a scientific institution for classification.




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