DETROIT (WWJ) – Sometimes a rock is just a rock – but it might a meteorite if you’ve been rock hunting in Livingston County lately.

To help you figure that out – the Cranbrook Institute of Arts and Sciences is holding an event this weekend to show off some actual meteorites and help you figure out what you’ve got.

Two Meteorites From Michigan Meteor 2018 Found In Hamburg Township

John Zawiskie, is the curator of Earth and Life Sciences and he explains what you can expect from a meteorite.

“It would probably be weakly attracted to a magnet, and if it were broken open and you could see the interior — there are likely to be little small spheres about the size of BBs — which contain silicate minerals — and the ground mass would have some flakes of iron in it – these are the primitive meteorites of the early solar system.

“We will have lots of meteorites out on tables – with knowledgeable staff – and we can show you the difference between a meteorite and a meteor-wrong. And if you have specimens to bring in — that’s cool too,” says Zawiskie.

The pop-up event at the museum is Saturday from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. and it’s free with museum admission.

Find more information about Cranbrook Institute of Science [here].


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