LANSING (WWJ) – Former sports doctor Larry Nassar has been sentenced to 175 years in state prison, but he likely won’t serve his time in Michigan.

Nassar is currently behind bars in Ingham County, but he won’t be there for long — he must first serve a 60-year sentence for a child pornography conviction in federal prison.

“I know that he does have another sentencing at the end of the month in Eaton County, and then it will be up to the two counties and their jails as to how they go about making that switch and what they do there,” said Michigan Corrections spokesperson Chris Gautz. “In terms of where he’ll go after that, it’s our understanding that he will serve his federal time first. So, following his Eaton County sentencing, he would then be transferred into federal custody by U.S. Marshals.”

If Nassar does make it to the state system, where he’s been sentenced to serve 40 to 175 years, he would be kept away from the general population.

“He would very likely be a candidate for our protective custody unit, so he would likely be placed somewhere there where he would have a little bit more protection from the general population of the prison and be amongst a much smaller group and have more limited movement and fewer abilities to do other things in the prison,” said Gautz.

Either way, Nassar will spend the rest of his natural life in the corrections system.


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