The following letter signed by Berkley City Councilman Alan H. Kideckel was provided to the media by the City of Berkley on 1-29-18: 

“Mr. Mayor, City Council and City Administration:

I have proudly volunteered and served the City of Berkley for over 25 years in many different capacities. I’ve always considered the Berkley community as my family. On January 1, 2018, I was involved in an automobile accident and received a
misdemeanor ticket. My sincere and heartfelt apology is extended to the people in the other vehicle and anyone else who I affected. Due to the pending Court proceedings, I am unable to comment any further on the facts at this time.

I have always done what is best for the City of Berkley. I feel that my continued presence as a member of City Council will distract our City from moving forward in a positive direction.

Effectively immediately, I hereby tender my resignation from the Berkley City Council. I am thankful to the residents for the opportunity to serve and for their continued support. I look forward to helping and contributing to the City of Berkley as a private citizen, in healthy and positive ways.

– Alan H. Kideckel”