EAST LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan State University’s former faculty athletic representative is under investigation for possibly having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 19-year-old.

Sue Carter is now being investigated for allegedly having a relationship with a woman who claims that she was manipulated into going “along with it” even though she felt it was wrong. The relationship happened 25-years ago.

That woman is Ellen Fedon-Keyt, now a 47-year-old psychologist. She claims she was 19 and an undergraduate at Wayne State University when Carter, who was once her professor, drew her into a relationship. Fedon-Keyt said she was especially vulnerable at the time because her father had just died in a plane crash.

Carter issued a statement, saying nothing she did was illegal, the two were at different universities at the time, and the relationship was short and consensual. She apologized for causing any harm, but also called the investigation “a knee jerk reaction to an accusation from a troubled woman, made a quarter century later.”

Carter recently resigned from her position at MSU in protest of the school’s handling of the Nassar situation.


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