By: Evan Jankens

The Cleveland Indians are removing Chief Wahoo from their uniforms starting in 2019.

Now a new mascot is under attack courtesy of Max Kellerman from ESPN. transcribed what Kellerman had to say:

“Man Irish Americans are not offended, but many are,” Kellerman said of the “fighting Irish” leprechaun logo and the green-clad mascot dancing around on the sidelines of the team’s games.

“Should that also change? The answer is yes. Unequivocally yes. Pernicious, negative stereotypes of marginalized people, that offend, even some among them, should be changed. It’s not that hard.

Others on social media have the same thoughts as Kellerman.

Others think that Kellerman is just creating a problem himself.

Do you think the Notre Dame mascot is racist?

  1. Of course, the Irish fans responding here sound not unlike what Cleveland Indians fans used to say years ago.

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