EATON COUNTY (WWJ) – At the final sentencing for Larry Nassar, Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis dedicated a portion of her closing arguments to the plight of the victims and their parents, whom she said have also been victimized.

“The pain had to go somewhere and we’re seen where it went – when it was shrouded in darkness, and shame and guilt. The victims’ experiences with anxiety and self-harm and addiction and depression and PTSD and suicide attempts — that’s where that pain went.”

Povilaitis called on the public to stop shaming the parents and on the parents to stop blaming themselves.

“Please try to let your guilt go,” said Povilaitis. “Your children do not blame you – you are good parents, you are great parents. You believed your daughters – you stand with them – you support them.”

The comments including questioning how parents could be in the room when the abuse is occurring.

She called out the people blaming the parents mostly on social media saying it has to stop. “The blame and the shame are on one person – the defendant.”


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