FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – An emergency can happen anywhere, and when massive bleeding is involved time is of the essence.

WWJ’s Dr. Deanna Lites reports that’s why a Detroit area hospital is on a mission to teach everyone how to “Stop The Bleed.”

Barb Smith, Trauma Program Director at Beaumont Farmington Hills, says a person can die from uncontrolled bleeding long before professional help arrives, so the average person should know what to do.

“People can die right in front of you (in) two to three minutes, if they’re bleeding that severe. So we need to intervene quickly,” Smith said, in demonstrating some techniques. “That’s why we can’t wait just for EMS to appear. We can save their life quickly.”

Beaumont is offering free, one hour “Stop The Bleed “classes at some of its hospitals.

Participants will learn everything from how to identify life threatening bleeding and how to apply nonstop pressure, to packing a wound and applying a tourniquet.

[To learn more, visit]


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